Our Places

We challenge ourselves to create places which are distinctive and different – and whether it’s creating new buildings or spaces, or carefully restoring old ones, we are always proud to rise to this challenge.

We take a very considered approach to any development as we understand that our places have a huge impact on both the community and the people who live in, work at or visit them and that our built legacy needs to be capable of sustaining an economic future.

We've built an enviable reputation for quality and always strive to achieve the highest level – and with us it’s instinctive. We don’t need a measuring tool or scorecard. You just know and feel that a place works. When people are happy to call it home, experience the ambience and vibrancy of a workplace, and want to come back again and again to stay, eat and drink in a place, we know we’ve done our job.

We continue to identify and invest in new places which can meet all our needs in terms of returns, distinction and a sustainable future.

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