Art installation shines a light into the future of iconic Leeds building 03/10/18

November 6, 2018

An inspirational art installation is set to light up one of Leeds’s most iconic buildings next month, creating a visual spectacular that will frame the entrance of the Grade I listed Corn Exchange in the heart of the city centre. The work has been commissioned by Leeds based Rushbond PLC, the developer responsible for the transformational programme of work currently underway at The Corn Exchange, and will be unveiled to coincide with Light Night Leeds. The annual event is one of the UK’s largest annual arts and light festivals which is taking place over two nights on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October from 6pm until 11pm.

Named ‘The Course of Days’, the art installation uses cutting-edge digital technology to explore the changing seasons and the rhythms of passing time. It has been created by Output Arts, which is a partnership between Andy D’Cruz and Jonathan Hogg, who specialise in creating immersive audio-visual installations that draw on natural environmental conditions and phenomena, with the assistance of arts advisor Kerry Harker.

Throughout Leeds Corn Exchange’s restoration process, award-winning Rushbond, has been committed to enhancing the building’s future, whilst also linking back to its rich heritage and exchange culture of the vibrant 1800’s. Kerry Harker explained: “Using light and sound to reflect time gave us the vision for this creative installation, which will support the extravaganza that is Light Night Leeds and create a unique, contemporary experience for anyone entering Leeds Corn Exchange.

Designed to inspire people’s imaginations and encourage them to think about how we exchange our thoughts, memories, talents and experiences in everyday life, the installation and future programme of activities planned for Leeds Corn Exchange will hopefully see it become a real hub for 21st Century cultural exchange.” Georgina Maud, creative assistant at Rushbond, said: “Having recently secured consent to light up Leeds Corn Exchange’s famous roof dome, we also wanted to celebrate the creative advancement of our restoration work with this special art installation in the building’s main visitor entrance. We hope it will not only enhance people’s experience of entering such a significant and historic place, but reflect an exciting future for the Corn Exchange lead by innovative, collaborative design based projects.”

Andy D’Cruz from Output Arts said: “The piece uses gathered seasonal field recordings spanning the year and combines these with a palette of animated light and colour to reflect the dynamism of the British weather, the clamour of the animal kingdom and the pulse of rural human activity. We have used technology to bring these notions of the landscape into the heart of the city, with the aim of reminding everyone of the agricultural past on which Leeds Corn Exchange was built.”

This year’s Light Night Leeds will see many of the city’s most recognisable spaces transformed with spectacular artworks and captivating performances by local, national and international artists. Progress and innovation are the themes of this year’s event which will showcase over 60 arts events across 10 zones in the city. A celebratory light show and performances by the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra will also be taking place at the Corn Exchange throughout the evening from 6pm until 11pm on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October.

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Authored by: Rushbond