Herald Buildings

April 24, 2023

Down Montpellier Street in Harrogate sits the Herald buildings. Once home to the Harrogate Advertiser, this is a local gem representative of a civilised neighbourhood in Harrogate often overlooked.

Montpellier Street is effectively a charming neighbourhood just down from the iconic Betty’s. It consists of smart shops such as Toast, a charming local pub the ‘Montpelier’ and a fantastic brunch spot, Hoxton North. Tucked round the corner is the legendary Drum & Monkey.

Transforming the upper floors into residential apartments will provide continuity to this much loved heritage asset and ensure that the building and the wider area does its very best to remain sustainable.  The intention is that, through the revitalisation of this historic building, this neighbourhood will be strengthened in a positive way and will contribute to the community offering. In addition to this, the work intends to improve the main frontages enhancing the streetscape.